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Hi! My name is Stefan Hösemann. I'm a 25 year old guy from Germany with a passion for creative things to do. It's great fun working on something that other people possibly enjoy or find useful. The process of an idea becoming a product for someone to make use of is something very exciting to experience, especially seeing all the single components of a project come together. When I'm not in the creative mood, I listen to music and hang around with my friends and family. I dig video games, movies and rainy weather. My view of life is to focus on the positive things and have a good time.


If you find any mistakes or encounter any problems don't hesitate to tell me! Moreover, I'm always interested in new ideas, suggestions and criticism. Just write me an e-mail to:


...or send me a message or comment on one of the other platforms and services if you prefer. You can find my profiles there all throughout this website and in the "Other Places" menu in the navigation bar on the top. Thanks!